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Horseback Trail Ride

Horseback Trail Ride

Kenai Peninsula, Seward Area

If you love nature and you love horseback riding, then this is one Seward experience you just can’t pass up.

Experiencing Seward on horseback makes some of the most incredible parts of Seward accessible when they otherwise would not be. Atop one of these well-trained, majestic animals you can view bald eagles up close, see where they nest and watch them feed. Nature is at your fingertips on this trail ride, but so is the history of Seward. On this Alaskan adventure, you get to ride through Seward’s old town, which was destroyed by the great earthquake of 1964 and hear stories of those who lived it. After a brief trot back in time you will find yourself on the shore of Resurrection Bay, where wild flowers meet the ocean. There are two departure times, 12 PM and 3 PM. $109/day.

(prices are subject to change)

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